How to Spot Fake Accounts on Instagram

There are over one billion accounts on Instagram, the vast majority of which are legitimate. But while Instagram frequently removes fake accounts or bots, they can still sneak through Instagram’s filters. Having worked with clients with a collective following in the millions, we’ve identified a number of ways to identify the likelihood of whether a profile is a fake Instagram account or a real one:

Look at the Posts
The number of posts on an account can be an indicator of legitimacy but often is not. Most accounts on Instagram are consumer accounts, rather than creator accounts. The truth is that most people use Instagram to consume content, rather than post their own.

Look at the Numbers
Compare the number of accounts the profile is following, with the number of followers the profile has. If the account only has a few followers but is following thousands of accounts, that might be a red flag.

Examine the Bio
In rare cases, a profile may not have a bio at all or may have only hashtags or emojis. Fake Instagram accounts will often copy the bio of a real one, or most of it, including your handle name. For example, their user name may appear to be the same as the real one, but when examined more closely you’ll see an extra letter, number, or symbol added.

Check Your DMs
Another way fake Instagram accounts will reach you is by sliding into your DMs. These accounts typically offer explicit content, emergency requests, crypto schemes, brand partnerships, or even retail scams. They may pretend to be a person or a reputable brand, and encourage you to either visit another website or DM someone else with your personal information. They try to lure you in to get your personal information and then potentially hack your account.

We strongly recommend that you never give any personal information via your DMs. Instead, when an account you don’t recognize messages you, first look at its profile to see how often the account is posting content. A fake profile will often post all of its content at once, or repeat posts and captions. You can always block that user and any new accounts they create as a first step in protecting yourself and your account. Use your best judgment and refer to Instagram’s policies and guidelines for more detailed information.

Analyze the Comments
Lastly, if an account frequently leaves comments that are completely unrelated to what you posted or many of the same comments, they’re likely fake. If you’re still unsure, do a deep dive and check the comments on their posts and other profiles they follow. Are they repetitive or selling something? If yes, it’s most likely not a real account.

Stay Safe
In the end, we want you to have the best experience possible when using Instagram. Directly engaging with fake or bot Instagram accounts can leave your content and profile vulnerable to spam, coercion, or even content theft.

Remember that you have the ability to block, delete, or accept any new friend requests. Instagram also now offers additional features that allow you to restrict who can message you and more.

It is important to note that the identifiers discussed above do not guarantee whether or not an account is real or fake. They are to be used as a guide as fake accounts often have multiple red flags or exhibit concerning behaviors. TSMA’s top priority is to make sure your account is safe which is why we hope that with these tips, you’ll not only have greater clarity regarding fake accounts but that you’ll share this information with others too.

How to Gain Authentic Followers
If you are looking to grow your Instagram following you’ve come to the right place. TSMA offers the only method of growth that falls within Instagram’s Community Guidelines. No bots. No Automation. No login is required.

Here’s how it works: We work with accounts in the top 1% of Instagram and partner with them in an Instagram giveaway. We then negotiate with these real accounts and execute the collaboration. Within 30 days, the giveaway collaboration will go live on the celebrity’s profile. We utilize brands like Apple, Saramonic, and many others to provide the best products to their fans. To win those products the celebrity’s fans are asked to go to your profile to follow you.

TSMA’s growth campaigns have a multi-step entry process to ensure a real person is behind the accounts that follow our clients. We, of course, monitor this growth and have strict policies against bots or fake accounts which are banned from these giveaways.

If you are interested in TSMA’s Instagram Growth Program, visit for more information or to sign up. See you on the gram!


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