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We’re known for managing and growing Instagram accounts for individuals and businesses in the entertainment industry.

Whether you have zero followers or 100,000, our team of experts take the stress and complications of social media off your plate.

Total Account Management

Want a team of experienced professionals to manage your page for you? Look no further.

Our talented specialists handle everything from posting, copywriting, hashtag strategy, natural follower growth, content creation, graphic design, and videography — personalized to you and your goals.

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Grow Your Audience

Whether you want to expand your reach as an artist or grow your business, you need and deserve a bigger audience.

We created the industry’s top retention-based follower growth system to target, by hand, a potential audience and get you thousands of real followers who care and engage.

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Content Creation

You need content to post, so we’ve assembled a team of the best photographers and videographers in the business. Our content creators are masters of their craft, and experts in creating content that showcases you or your business in the most effective way possible.

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Education is at our core. Whether we’re giving seminars to hundreds of people or individualized consults, we believe that knowledge is power—and we’re committed to empowering you.

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Why We Do It

As fellow artists we know you can’t get hired to share your gifts if no one knows you exist, and businesses can’t grow without customers.

We love supporting individuals in monetizing their following, but more importantly, in building a platform they can leverage to support their bigger life and career goals.

Similarly, we help businesses not just increase their bottom line, but expertly craft an authentic representation of their brand so they can impact more people.

We live by these values:

Art Matters

The art always comes first. Whether your gift is bringing a script to life, playing music that touches the soul, bringing joy and laughter to the masses, or helping artists to improve their craft or make a living—we want more of the world to experience you.

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The Power is Yours

Now more than ever you can take your career into your own hands. Instead of waiting around for the phone to ring, we want you to have the tools to reach more people, make more money, and have a bigger impact.

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Authenticity is Key

In a world of bots and automation, we believe in a hands-on, customized approach for every individual. Artists and businesses are unique, and their online presence ought to be too.

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As the entertainment industry transforms before our eyes, we’re committed to empowering you with the knowledge and tools to have a successful career and business for decades to come.

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This is what just a few of our clients say about us. #humblebrag
Sarah Silva

Thank you so much TSMA for helping me get my Insta going, couldn’t have done it without you!!
~Sarah Silva

Osbrink Agency

The TSMA team is the definition of excellence, integrity, creativity, and professionalism. They are a proactive force in Los Angeles in this ever-changing digital world. TSMA has given us everything we expected and exceedingly beyond. They’re excellent at what they do because they truly care.
~Cindy Osbrink

Margie Haber

We love working with TSMA. They have found a way to be part of our team, helping shape our online presence in a way that supports our brand. Personable, friendly, open to feedback and most importantly brimming with creative ideas.
~Margie Haber

Natasha LaJolie

Ryan and his team have helped us tremendously with the aesthetic and content of our IG feed. No more struggles finding the right content targeted to our audience, the process of posting is now as smooth as it can be. Such a game changer!
~Natasha LaJolie

America 2.0

TSMA did an incredible job with the social media for our narrative series, AMERICA 2.0. They know Instagram inside out, and were pivotal in our social media rollout. They had a clear strategy, the look/feel of the design was terrific and sleek, and the page looks amazing. They were even able to get our account verified on Instagram, which was a big help. I would work with Ryan and his team again in a heartbeat!
~J S Mayank, Creator

Jesse Bernstein

Working with TSMA has been great. Met with Ryan and he showed me a step-by-step process of how to become an influencer and brand myself on Instagram. My growth has been steady and organic and my followers continue to engage in my content.
~Jesse Bernstein

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TSMA is proud to

work and teach with

some of the most

respected businesses

and organizations in



TSMA is proud to work with some of the most respected businesses and organizations in entertainment.

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The Team

Meet the TSMA Family
Ryan Walker
Ryan Walker - CEO
Kimberly Loftus
Kimberly Loftus - Executive Assistant
Alexandra Rupp
Alexandra Rupp - Senior Account Manager
Ben Whitehair
Ben Whitehair - Chief Information Officer
Luis "LT" Martinez
Luis "LT" Martinez - Account Manager
Nijah Reed
Nijah Reed - Account Manager
Jesse Gavin
Jesse Gavin - Partnerships Manager
Susan Holmstrom
Susan Holmstrom - Account Manager
Thomas Soliz
Thomas Soliz - Manager, Hiring and Partnerships

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