At TSMA, we lead the industry in consulting entertainers and businesses, building expertly crafted brands on social media, gaining large followings with high engagement,
and creating influencers.

Brand, consistency and quality are the three cornerstones of TSMA consultations. One-on-one consultations include a complete diagnostic by our team, brand reformation, aesthetic profile structuring, planning future content, technical software tutorials, and more. This covers Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and all applicable mediums. Social media is undoubtedly the future of entertainment, and we are here to help you adapt and succeed.


Grow Your Following

Utilize social media algorithms and strategies alongside quality content to connect with real, engaging long-term followers on all platforms. Organically build a large fan base to support you or your company’s goals.


Gain Exposure

Attract the attention of industry professionals, peers, and targeted consumers. Gain search engine optimization for important personal and casting websites. Acquire a competitive edge to lock-in potential opportunities.


Become Your Own Boss

Monetize your following with influencer and brand partnerships. Negotiate lucrative contracts in entertainment and take control of your career.

About Ryan Walker

Founder Ryan Walker is an actor, entrepreneur and social media influencer based out of Los Angeles, CA. With a background in marketing, entertainment, and casting, he takes passion in utilizing social media to inspire and change the future landscape of the industry. Ryan has appeared in films and taught social media marketing around the world and incorporates his adventures in his personal Instagram under @Iamryanwalker.